What's in Dazz Cleaning Tablets? - Ingredients

What's in Dazz Cleaning Tablets? - Ingredients

Dazz cleaning tablets are a fantastic invention that can save millions of plastic bottles from going into NZ landfills each year.

"But what's inside these dissolvable tablets that clean so well?" - Here is a list of the ingredients inside each* Dazz cleaning tablet. 


  • Citric acid (derived from citrus fruits).
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
  • Sodium carbonate (washing soda)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (derived from coconuts)
  • Fragrance. (fruit/plant oil)
  • Colorant. (organic food grade)

*Concentration of each ingredient varies for each product and its intended purpose.


Why are people so excited about Dazz? 

Because it's safe. 

Most household cleaners contain harmful chemicals. DAZZ is formulated with safe, natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. - It's safe around your children and pets!

Dazz cleaners do not taste nice. And we do not under any circumstances recommend eating them. However, accidents do happen. If your curious puppy gets his tongue on a tablet. He will be fine 🐶.

It's affordable.

Many cleaning companies are in the business of selling plastic bottles. That's where they make their money. And that's how we manage to keep the price of refills so low!

Refill any spray bottle with your very own tap water, drop in a couple of DAZZ cleaning tablets and save a ton of money on your cleaning costs.

It's effective.

In tests conducted by the TURI lab at the University of Massachusetts, all three of the DAZZ cleaning products outperformed their leading competitors in the industry.

It drastically reduces the use of plastic. 

DAZZ lets you reuse your cleaning bottles, again and again, so you can feel good about the amount of waste you’re saving from landfills.

Eco-Friendly, Child-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, cleaning products.

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Dazz cleaning tablets are formulated out of the USA by founder David Shahan with 2 goals: 

1. To create a cleaner, safer planet for his children.
2. To combat the single-use plastic epidemic plaguing our landfills and oceans.

David Shahan, Dazz Founder

Now Available in New Zealand.

That's right, earth-conscious Kiwis ...Dazz has officially landed in New Zealand and is literally flying off the shelves!

Shop online and we will deliver to your door from our warehouse in Papamoa. 

Purchase your home cleaning starter kit, and never purchase another plastic cleaning bottle again!

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With love from the team.

Dazz NZ

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