How to dispose of Dazz Packets

How to dispose of Dazz Packets

Don't trash it... Compost it! 


Add a pre-paid "return" envelope to your order, and send back your empty packets for us to compost! Tick the box at checkout


Dazz will save you money and dramatically reduce the need for plastic bottles. But we also want to close the loop on any waste produced in the process of getting Dazz into your glass bottles. 

Our new tablet packets are made from PLA (corn-derived) film and recycled paper. They are 100% biodegradable and are certified as "commercially compostable".

As we work to attain a "home compostable" certification, here are three eco-friendly ways that you could discard your Dazz packets...


We strive to do better every day. 


1. We'll do it for you 

On your cart page, you will see a note that says, "Tick this box to add a prepaid envelope to your order. You can return your empty packets, and we'll compost them for you".

This will add a prepaid and stamped envelope to your order so that you can collect up and return your empty packets to us.


Place your empty packets in the envelope, then pop them into a post box. We will take care of the rest. 

Pro tip: Wait until your envelope is packed with 6-12 packets before sending. 

What do you do with them? 

Once we collect a few thousand empty packets, we then take them to our nearest commercially compostable facility to go back into the earth. Sometimes we fill our home compost with them!

2. Home Compost yourself

We do not have the certification to say our packaging is home compostable. So we cannot and do not recommend it. 

However, we want to be honest with you. We compost them! 😊

If you want to compost your own packets, ensure you have good quality compost and chop the packets into small pieces to help them breakdown quicker. 

We made this infographic as a guide: 

Composting 101

Here is a great video that explains how to start a home compost of your own!

3. Commercially compost. 

Drop your packets at your nearest commercial composting facility. Here is a list of New Zealand facilities that accept compostable pckaging: 


Thanks 🙏 

We know this way of dropping a dissolvable tablet into your spray bottles may differ from what you are used to. So we want to thank you for giving us a try! 

We appreciate you playing your part and helping us reduce plastic waste here in New Zealand. 

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