Dazz mixture is Cloudy with Sediment

Dazz mixture is Cloudy with Sediment

Wake up this morning and notice that your Dazz mixture looks off? Perhaps it's cloudy, or maybe it looks like there is a layer of sediment on the bottom.

This is completely normal and okay!

When Dazz drops below approximately 15'C, it will begin to go cloudy. This has no impact on efficiency.

It may also look like the heavier particles are sinking to the bottom. No worries! Give it a shake if you feel like it, but it's not necessary. Use Dazz as normal.

You will find, if the temperature of the liquid inside your bottle increases, the cloudiness will disappear as if it were never there.

For example, our Dazz distribution centre here in Papamoa can get quite chilly during winter. So we thought we'd put our Dazz in the sun to show you what happens. 

In the morning they looked like this:

As you can see the solution has gone cloudy. The bathroom must have been the cold as it's opaque! 🥶

Not to worry, the solution is completely fine to use in this state. 

After a wee while in the sun, our solutions became transparent:

Does Dazz go bad/off? 

Currently, Dazz is tested to last a year (and counting), once made, with the current mixture of ingredients to be normal and remain effective.

Testing is still needing to be done with all the varying factors. but as a general rule, from a chemistry position... The minimum shelf life for the mixed solution should be at least 1 year, probably much longer as our tests are limited by the time we have had them running!

Fun fact: Test are currently sitting on the shelf in a lab in Colorado, USA. 

Thank you for all your support. Dazz has made an incredible reduction in the amount of plastic used when cleaning your home.

If you're running low on refill tablets, be sure to grab more here: https://dazz.co.nz/products/refill-mixed-packs

From the friendly team in Papamoa ...

Happy Cleaning!

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